Chalk drawing of S. Salway Farm around 1865 The Solway place operated as the Sunnyside Resort
during the 1910s –1930s
(picture taken in 1961)
Throwing hay into the barn in 1916 Guests enjoy a beach campfire
Sunnyside guests enjoying the sand beach. (fiom left)Vivian, Unknown, Hilda, Dora, Harry & Ellis
Sunday April 20, 1919
Hilda (right) on front porch. Grandpa Hugh Solway with woodpiles in 1917
"Iceboat Grandpa" Eli Solway on Sturgeon bay
circa 1920
Sunnyside guests by the log cabin
Sunnyside visitors Who's the man by the snazzy car?
Includes amenities! Does anything important change?
Special loving thanks to Marion (Solway) Schuster (and her late husband Roger) and Karen Solway (and her late husband Herb). Through their generosity, this property has been preserved for their children's use and all the future generations to come. What a wonderful legacy!

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Old Family Pictures

And even more old pictures!

Old Resorter Reporter article about Door County log cabins.

Old Door County Advocate article about the log cabin and Hilda.


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