The Shore Calendar
Oct. Clean up yard, put away chairs, turn off water, bring in the dock,  etc. 
Try to eradicate invasive phragmites
Dec. Enjoy the fresh-fallen snow on the beach.
Jan. Plan for more 'refreshing' of the house!
Feb. Beat the doldrums by having a winter picnic • Trek in on snowshoes..
Mar. Stop in to visit when the snow clears a little!
Maybe even a spring picnic?
Apr. Plan for an Easter Egg Hunt!
Spruce up the gardens.
May The first official picnic on Memorial Day . Work on cleaning up the Phragmites, Knapweed and the Honeysuckle!
June Still working on the knapweed and honeysuckle. The mockoraange is gorgeous! Also the iris and lilacs.
July Enjoy the stars shining on the water around a crackling campfire. "I wonder what the poor people are doing?"
Aug. Can't you just feel the heat soaking into your bones? A little more sprucing up if the weather holds nice!
Sept. Try to squeeze out a few more warm summer get-to-gether times!
Plan to attend the Annual Shareholder's Meeting on the third Saturday of September. With a picnic after?
The Shore Activities
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