More Old Salway Family photos
Chalk drawing of S. Salway Farm around 1865
The back of the house. Possibly Hilda or Dora?
Salvi got a new gravestone at the Bayside. It would be interesting to know where his wife was buried. The first white woman buried in Sturgeon Bay.
The second log cabin of Salvi's family (built by Nels Torstensen). The Salvisons moved into the cabin in 1953 after Torstensen moved to the east side of the peninsula for better farmland. The original Salvison homestead was just below the current Bayside cemetery and was reclaimed by the Bradley-Crandall Lumber Company in 1953.
Special loving thanks to Marion (Solway) Schuster (and her late husband Roger) and Karen Solway (and her late husband Herb). Through their generosity, this property has been preserved for their children's use and all the future generations to come. What a wonderful legacy!

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Old Resorter Reporter article about Door County log cabins.

Old Door County Advocate article about the log cabin and Hilda.
The picture of the dog that hung in the living room for many years.